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General David Perkins, commander of the United States Army's TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command), has officially declared that few women have expressed interest in joining the Army's combat arms positions. The United States military has orders to open up a number of combat arms positions to women, but the plan for gender integration was predicated in part on there being women in these branches to serve as mentors. 

So - 

Is diversity still diversity if the offer is made but people are uninterested?…

The New York Times is using the gay rights ruling as an excuse to call for all religions and non-profits to be stripped of their tax-exempt status. the process playing *right* into fears that gay rights advocates won't stop at simply demanding equality but will instead go straight into "trying to crush religion". 

I'm a fairly large individual in real life, such that I'm into the "big & tall" sizes in just about everything. 

Thing is, the optometrists I've been going to don't have any eyeglass frames that could be considered "big & tall". I'm wearing the largest size of frames my most recent optometrist had, but they're so small on me that they're actually cutting into the side of my head; I literally spent five minutes bleeding just now simply because I removed them to clean them. 

LAZIK isn't an option, as my "bronze" insurance plan doesn't cover vision (and my premiums are so high I can't afford to pay out-of-pocket). Contacts would be seriously inconvenient, as with my work hours I need to cat-nap. As such, I'm presently stuck with regular prescription glasses. 

Does anyone know of any optometrist chain that sells "big & tall" frames? 


A black female professor was forced to apologize for racist and misandrist remarks aimed at whites, particularly the white male students on campus. 

And yet somehow, because a black woman spewed hate at whites, folks are trying to say it's not racist. 
The Story Begins title page by Ironhold
The Story Begins title page
Seems this here is a rare early trade paperback... as in 1985

Sadly, the front cover and spine was already gone by the time I bought it used. 


United States
Current Residence: Central Texas
Operating System: Lenovo
I'm one of the editors over at TF, a fan-maintained wiki for the Transformers franchise.

One ongoing project we have <a wytiwyg="1"…>involves trying to figure out which US broadcasters aired what season of the cartoon</URL> during those years in which the cartoon was available via broadcast television rather than being broadcast via a cable network.

For a number of media markets, all we have are question marks; either we do not have information concerning who aired what, or the information we have cannot be verified. For other markets, some of the listings are little more than educated guesses or rely on questionable information sources.

We'd appreciate any help that anyone can give us. I've been trying to contribute, but even I've hit brick walls along the way.

Currently, the identified seasons are as follows:

Generation 1

Although it was originally taken for granted that all networks which broadcast the series back in the day debuted the premiere episode on or around 24 September 1984, we were forced to split the chart into individual seasons when it was discovered that KCEN-TV delayed the premiere of the show until January of 1985.

Generation 2

Although the series had two seasons, no irregularities have been noted and it is presumed that all networks which aired the series aired both seasons.

Beast Wars
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

Season one was broadcast as part of a syndicated block of programs, and when that block was discontinued the show was syndicated on its own. This led to situations in which the show jumped networks between season 1 and season 2.

Beast Machines
Robots In Disguise

Although these two shows were officially supposed to be broadcast by Fox, there have been reports to indicate that this was not the case; some markets did not have these series, while in other markets the Fox Kids feed was broadcast by a different station.

Transformers: Cybertron

Although the series debuted on Cartoon Network, it was moved to The WB Network for four months in 2005 as a Hail Mary play to help draw ratings.


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This will sound really dumb if I'm remembering wrong, but you're LDS, right?

I'm wanting a copy of the BOM to study for myself, but I've found out there's no mission or church on my island, so I was wondering if you had any idea where I could buy or get one otherwise.

Unless you're not a member of the church then this is just strange.
Ironhold Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013

This is the entire BoM, with footnotes, online in an HTML format.

In fact, the entire canon, the current Sunday School manuals, and copies of the official church magazines dating back to ca. 1971 can be had on the church's website for free if you just want to look at digital versions.

If you want a physical copy of any of it, then as a non-member you'll need to place an order with Deseret Book ([link]) or another LDS retailer.
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